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Rajawadee Boys – WHOAH hokey kokey!

(delayed post from Friday, due to wifi problems)

Last night we had the honour of joining the long-term volunteers for their weekly Bible-study group at James and Rachel’s place in Pakkred. Matt lead us in a reflection and some worship and we shared in a time of prayer. It was good to have fellowship and understanding after a day that some of us had found quite tough. Sadly, Jim was still in bed feeling rotten, but we prayed for him and the next day he was feeling well enough to join us for the trip to Rajawadee Boy’s Home. Again, many of the residents are not boys by any stretch of the imagination as they simply have nowhere else to go.

They were a fantastic crowd and joined in heartily with all the actions. The circle dancing was a hot favourite, with mine and Lizzie’s group literally throwing themselves into the Hokey Kokey, which was more like a srather good-natured street scrap at times!

We weren’t able to visit any of the wards or the onsite CCD daycare centre(there’s also one of those at RG) as ‘Felang’ (foreigners) aren’t usually allowed to enter RB at all – only Thai CCD staff are permitted to visit and work there. So it was a priviledge to be there at all.

We got back to RH by 11:30 – plenty of time to prep for the weekend off. Ruth, Sarah, Tim, Jim and I are heading up to Kanchanaburi for the night. We’ll arrive this evening by bus and then tomorrow will be waterfalls, elephants, bbamboo rafting and the bridge over the River Kwai (apparently pronounced ‘Kware’). Louise and Matt will take the opportunity to catch up with James and Rachel, with whome they’ve been friends for many years. They’ll also venture into Bangkok to check out Chatachak Market.

Before we disappear off the the weekend I have also had time to do a ahort radio interview with Khun Wassan, who is the Director of CCD (‘Khun’ is an honourary term given to people who are superior in status – unlike Britain, Thailand is a status-based society). He is fascinating and I could listen to him talk about the work of CCD for hours, but 20 mins will have to suffice as he’s jetting off to Australia to launch a support network for CCD called “Friends of Ziba”.

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