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Rajawadee Girls

(delayed post from Thursday, due to wifi problems)

Today we’re a man down – Jim’s got a rotten streaming cold and so had to stay at Rainbow House for the day. The rest of us jumped onto the CCD bus with our guitars, tambourines and dancing shoes to go and make some music for the girls and women living at the government home. Rajawadee Girls (RG) houses abandoned disabled girls, most of whom come through to RG from Baan Fueng Fah when they reach the age of seven.

Many stay their whole lives as they have nowhere else to go, so ‘girls’ is probably not the correct term. Some of those at our were definitley women, so it felt strange singing mainly children’s songs (with lots of actions) with them, but they visibly enjoyed it, loved the contact and the dancing and they really joined in. Dancing in circles was especially popular – particularly the Hokey Kokey which was CHAOS! :oD

Some residents were transfixed watching Tim drumming away at the front and I had to call him over to explain his tatoos and piercings to them. They were fascinated and horrified simultaneously! Those tats have proved a brilliant talking point with strangers since before Tim left Heathrow…

After the ‘concert’ we went to Yellow Ward, which is home for some of the residents who suffer from Cerebral Palsy. We helped with lunchtime there, feeding those unable to feed themselves, talking to them handing thei hands and just sitting with them. About halfway through a whole load of army officers came in – apparently touring the facility. They chatted with us briefly and moved on.

Next we went to Pink Ward, for residents with mental disabilites (though as many have no formal diagnosis, this is quite difficult to pin down).

After that, some of us stayed on to visit Green, where the residents mostly have Downs Syndrome. This was great – the ‘girls’ were engaging, fun and chatty, but were also very happy to just chill out with us, so we could rest our dancing feet for a while. Phew.

Today was tough for lots of reasons, but I cling to the text from a beautiful mural painted on the outside walls at Rainbow House. It has a big, colourful rainbow and written each side of it (in Thai and English) it says: ‘God Keeps His Promises’. Amen.

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