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Eaten Alive: Part II

Jim, Tim, Ruth, Sarah and I had a fantastic time in Kanchanaburi on Saturday. Up early for our tour, we first visited the Erawan National Park and went to the Seven Steps waterfall. It’s so hard to put into words how beautiful this place was but it was incredibly gorgeous. One of God’s finest works. We walked up to the fourth step, where Ruth, Jim and I swam in the clear cool water (with Jim sliding down the rocks into the pool like a monkey). The pools are full of fish – the kind you see in the ‘Fish Pedicure’ shops, only MUCH bigger. But they still like to eat your feet – it’s extremely wierd and made me squeal. Everyone else was much more grown-up about it, with Ruth winning the ‘calmist fish pedicure’ award (and Sarah a very close second).

After that it was elephant riding and bamboo rafting down the River Kwai – both totally brilliant and best expressed in pictures so I won’t go into detail (though Tim looked exceptionally regal on an elephant). Then onto the Death Railway Bridge and the train to Kanchanburi. Unfortunately this stalled for 1.5 hours due to another train being derailed, so we had a rather hot and frustrating journey, but the scenery more than made up for it. From Kanchanaburi, Tim, Jim and I headed back to Pakkred as Tim was drumming in church this morning. The journey was pretty hairy as the minibus driver appeared to be either derranged or on speed. Or Both. I thought we might not make it to Bangkok alive. Ruth and Sarah stayed on to take a Thai cookery course – they were kind enough to bring back a doggy bag for the rest of us – YUM!!

Sunday (today) was great too – church, followed by Starbucks (hurrah!) and swimming, then a spot of shopping. As well as our fantastic hosts James, Rachel and Lily, we were also joined by Don, a seven-year old resident at Rainbow House. Don is brilliant – chatty, active and demanding. He has a problem with his legs which means he can’t walk without his frame, but with the help of physio he should eventually walk unaided. Seeing children like Don flourish really affirms the essential, lifegiving and wonderful work of CCD.

Tomorow: another ‘concert’ at another government home. Bring it on!

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