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Last Working Day at RH

Yesterday was the team’s last working day at Rainbow House – we can’t believe how the time has gone so quickly!

The day started with ‘music therapy’ with the daycare kids plus Neung, who’s a resident here at RH. The inverted commas are because it’s not really music therapy in the sense we might use the term back home – more like ‘playing instrumenst and doing silly actions therapy’ – but it was brilliant all the same. The kids especialy enjoyed the game we played with the stretchy red material, stretching it between us all and bouncing a ball up and down on it (and, frequently, off it and onto someone’s head).

After lunch it was time for our farewell – CCD makes a huge fuss of all it’s volunteers when they leave, which can feel quite strange if you’ve only been here two weeks. We were sharing the occaision with Emma, who was here for 10 months and DJ (previously mentioned – a former resident of RH, here for 2 months). They gave us crowns of flowers, showed photo presentations of our time here, giving us gifts and cards and a certificate and a HUGE photo of the team each (not sure what we’ll do with that but it’s a brilliant picture – Tim looks AWESOME, like he’s the boss of all of us…) All a bit overwhelming!

The there was to interview James and Rachel about their decision to adopt Lily, before we headed into angkok for farewell drinks at the Saxophone Bar – an awesome pub with fantastic live music in the heart of Bangkok. The kind of place I’d isit all the time if it was in London.

Today we’re off to explore Ko Kret – an island on the river, where James and Rachel used to live. Then it’s be a debrief, some worship and prayer andour final bits and pieces of packing. On Saturday Jim and I fly to Chiang Mai to start our final week of travel and the others head home for family reunions (I know there’ll be tears!) What a journey!

Jim and I get back on 20 August and there’ll be little or no blogging in the meantime, but photos, video and audio to go up after we get back, so watch this space!

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I live in Rochester, Kent and am married to the wonderful Jim. I am a bit of a theologian and a complete film fanatic. I work for the Methodist Church of Great Britain as Lead Media Officer, but anything said on my blogs represents my own opinion and not necessarily that of the Church.

5 responses to “Last Working Day at RH

  1. Lynne ⋅

    Hope you are feeling well again Anna and can enjoy your final week in Thailand. Happy travelling. Lynne xx

  2. Heather Drew ⋅

    I am so very proud of you both – take good care on your week of travels – look forward to seeing all photos, etc. Loads of love Mum xxx

  3. Karen

    Hi Anna,

    You’ ve done really well with your blog! Thanks for all the info you’ve passed on. Glad you’re feeling better and hope you and Jim enjoy your final week of travel.

    xx Karen

  4. Ros Oliver ⋅

    Sorry, hope I have not missed you! Probably have but have a great trip to Chiang Mai. Look forward to your return.
    Will be great to hear all about it.

  5. Nice to see the food poisoning’s not troubling you anymore… have a safe flight back, both of you!

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