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Last day in Government Homes

Today was the last day of our trip for visiting the gov homes, so first we went to Baan Fueng Faa to play some music in the daycare centre and help with showers and lunchtime. After that, a quick lunch at the Foundation for the Blind (plain rice for me – settling my tummy after food poisoning), followed by some time at Rajawadee Girls, making more music, with Matt at his musical best getting everyone involved in games and actions. It was great to see the ‘girls’ again and I recognised some of them from the wards we visited last week – the CCD daycare centre at RG is a really lovely, positive environment. Sadly, before we knew it the bus turned up to collect us and take us back to Rainbow House on the return school run.

There we had some time for an afternoon nap (heaven!) and I also got chance to interview DJ (aka Chariya). DJ is one of CCD’s sucess stories. Abandoned as a baby, she ended up in Baan Fueng Faa very young, but was selected by CCD to come and live at Rainbow House. From there she was adopted by a Scottish couple at the age of 3. She’s returned for just a few weeks and has really loved coming back to this place that once was her home. I’m hoping to put all the audio from the interviews online after I return home and get chance to edit them (end August).

Tomorrow is our last day in Rainbow House before Jim and I go travelling and the others fly home. None of us can believe that it’s gone so fast but we hope we can continue to support CCD when we return – if nothing else, they certainly deserve and need our prayers.

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