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(delayed post from Monday due to sickness)

On Monday it was back to work with a visit to play some music at Nonthaphum – a mixed government home for older children. This was particularly special bcause CCD is not usually permitted to do any kind of work at Nonthaphum. So we sang some songs and played with the kids and it was great. So great, in fact, that CCD have now been invited back to play music with the kids every Friday afternoon. Chuffed to bits! It’s nice to leave something positive behind, even if it’s only a small thing.

In the afternoon we had time to explore Pakkred a bit more, with Jim, Ruth, Sarah and I taking a wander through the local markets – the food market was AMAZING – I wanted to walk round for hours just looking at all the food.

In the evening we went off for dinner with the usual crowd, plus May (who will be working one-to-one with Lily at her school) and Krit, a young boy who lives at Rainbow House. A lovely meal, but sadly it resulted in food poisoning for myself and Lily…

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I live in Rochester, Kent and am married to the wonderful Jim. I am a bit of a theologian and a complete film fanatic. I work for the Methodist Church of Great Britain as Lead Media Officer, but anything said on my blogs represents my own opinion and not necessarily that of the Church.

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