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Eaten alive

Yesterday was the day of many mossies (or one extremely active one). Two of us have been bitten on the face and the rest of us have just been generally feasted on. 

But yesterday was also a great day as we started working with the children at Rainbow House. Most of the residents go to school during the day, so the only residents here were Don and Naung. They were joined for daycare by residents from the government homes and the day kicked off with singing the national anthem, a prayer and morning exercises (led expertly by Don). Then we played some songs and made some music with them, dancing about and doing the actions. After a quick snack we divided into two groups, with some going to the classroom and others to the soft play area. In the soft play area Matt, Tim and I spent most f the time being pelted with balls from the ball pool while Jim spent an hour rocking Naung on a big soft upside-down rainbow – Naung loved perching right on the edge so it looked like he would fall off at any second. 

After lunch all the children have a nap and then a quick snack followed by a shower, before it’s time to head back to the government homes. It’s a good solid routine and Sarah, a speech therapist volunteer who is here from Ulster, is planning to spend her month working out how to integrate decision-making into it, so that each child has to make at least one choice during the day. 

The little girl I spent most of the day with, Fon (sp?) was mostly interested in playing with my hair. She is blind and enjoyed rubbing her face in my ponytail – a very good reason to have a bad hair day! She was also very sleepy and fell asleep on me three or four times, which I found a little worrying. As she is very new to the centre, the guys at RH don’t know an awful lot about her or her needs, so it will take some time to figure out how best to help her develop. 

The clouds have finally cleared and today is much hotter and very humid – the ipad is steaming up as I write this. Today we are off to Baan Feung Fah – a government home for younger children with disabilities. This morning we are to put on a concert for some of the children there (or at least those of us who are more musically inclined – the rest of us will dance and muck about with the kids). In the afternoon we’ll be working at the daycare centre there, where some of the residents come for physio, general care and lots of fun. 

Really looking forward to it, but very aware that some of the conditions we witness may be upsetting and challenging. Praying that God will give us wisdom, understanding and strength today. 

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I live in Rochester, Kent and am married to the wonderful Jim. I am a bit of a theologian and a complete film fanatic. I work for the Methodist Church of Great Britain as Lead Media Officer, but anything said on my blogs represents my own opinion and not necessarily that of the Church.

6 responses to “Eaten alive

  1. Karen

    Ball pool! Awesome.

  2. Andrew Graystone ⋅

    Jim and Anna,

    I’m loving following your blog, and praying for you both.

  3. Lynne ⋅

    Glad to hear that things are better than you hoped and that you are enjoying being with the children (and adults). Hope you have been taking anti-malarial medication. I remember when I was in Thailand, having to cover up entirely, both day and night, but the mozzies still bit me through my clothes. Keep blogging!

  4. annamdrew

    Thanks for the encouragement Lynne! Nurse advised against anti-malarials – said they weren’t necessary… Hope she was right!!!!

  5. Rachel Phillips ⋅

    Hey Anna Having recently been eaten alive in Thailand i found 95% Deet was the only thing that worked. It is awful but I hated the bites and was covererd head to toe! Also if you can get vitamin B supplements this really helps-they dont like it. Failing that Tiger Balm works a treat. Loving the blog xxx

  6. annamdrew

    Hi all – apologies for delay in posting comments and thanks for encouragement!
    Rachel – LOVING Tiger Balm – may stock up before coming home!!

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