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Induction Day

Thankfully a very relaxed day today. Though we all had a long sleep last night our bodies are still pretty confused about what time it is as Thailand is 7 hours ahead of the UK.

After a late breakfast it’s time for our induction chat with James. he runs through with us the work and vision of CCD, which is very wide-ranging. The charity started by working with the government orphanages for disabled children who have been abandoned. There are three of these – one for young children, one for boys and one for girls, though the latter two are really for men and women as the residents often stay there to the ends of their lives. There CCD runs music therapy and other kinds of activities for the ‘children’, both through daycare centres and on the wards themselves. CCD also has it’s own children’s home – Rainbow House. Many of the RH residentS attend school, so while they’re out during the day, residents from the government homes come in to RH for daycare, which can involve anything from education to soft play to hydrotherapy. Tomorrow we’ll be playing some music with them.

On top of this, CCD also has three community projects, which help and support the patents of disabled children to keep the kids in their home by offing advice, support and by linking them up with other parents in the same situation. James told us how these projects are especially exciting because you can see a bit difference to the lives of these families very quickly, while the work in the government homes is much more ‘slow-burn’.

We also got to have a long chat with Wassan, who is the director of CCD and is clearly very passionate and committed. I’m hoping to do an audio interview with Wassan later in the week when he gets back from a social camp for the parents of disabled children.

After our induction it was time for another great Thai meal – joined by James, Rachel, Lizzie and Lily as well as Chee Cha (sp?) a little girl who is resident at RH. CC was so much fun, playing games with us in the taxi and sharing our meal with huge enthusiasm (as well as a surprisingly large appetite for one so tiny!). Photos to follow when we get chance.

We are all v excited about tomorrow when we start working with the children in Rainbow House. It’s gonna be an early start though, so time to turn in – night all!

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2 responses to “Induction Day

  1. Karen

    Glad you arrived safely 🙂

  2. Adrian ⋅

    I live in Chiang Mai with my wife and have visited a CCF home recently with a view to sponsoring.
    As you have already found out, Thai people are wonderful, and the wai is an excellent way to show respect across the language barrier.
    Where exactly are you at the moment? Are you still in Bangkok?
    (btw, Thailand is always 7 hours ahead of GMT, not the UK. At the moment Thailand is 6 hours ahead of the UK. I always have to remind myself before I contact friends in England!)

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