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Waiting to board

(delayed post from Saturday eve)

Just a quick note before we jump on the plane. All well so far, other than me forgetting to pack my shoes – doh! Unless I can get some new ones I’ll be sweating away in walking boots for three weeks. 

We are all here chatting away and getting ready but it still feels a bit surreal. By the time we land it’ll be Sunday afternoon and I don’t doubt a big culture shock awaits. Exciting. Scary. Still feel unprepared, but hopefully we’ll manage to leave all unnecessary baggage behind before departure and let God guide our path and our hearts….

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I live in Rochester, Kent and am married to the wonderful Jim. I am a bit of a theologian and a complete film fanatic. I work for the Methodist Church of Great Britain as Lead Media Officer, but anything said on my blogs represents my own opinion and not necessarily that of the Church.

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