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Getting ready to fly…

It’s now less than 48 hours until we’re due to fly out to Bangkok to begin our time with CCD and I don’t mind saying that I’m not sure I’m fully prepared. I’ve read the fantastic Lonely Pakkred guide written by the wonderful guys at For Life (the UK charity that supports CCD with funding, awareness-raising and volunteer staff). We’ve done our training. I’ve got my rucksack ready, I’ve done my shopping and got my currency…but I’m not sure that I’m totally prepared.

It’s hard to know what awaits us as we go out there, but it was great to be able to meet up with some of the guys tonight to spend some time sharing and praying together.

It’s a weird time for all of us – Jim and I have just moved house and both Ruth and Sarah and their families are preparing to move too. Matt has begun a new job and is battling a knee injury, Louise has been slaving away at work and Tim’s been furiously writing essays to hand in before we depart and we’re all wondering what the next two weeks might hold.

But tonight we prayed that God would be in all we do – guiding, encouraging, supporting us and giving us understanding and wisdom. Two weeks isn’t a long time by anyone’s standards but all of us are praying and hoping that we can make it count and make a difference, however small that may be.

I feel really excited and priviledged to be travelling with such a fantastic group of people who are so devoted to hearing and following God’s call.

Let’s see where it takes us…

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I live in Rochester, Kent and am married to the wonderful Jim. I am a bit of a theologian and a complete film fanatic. I work for the Methodist Church of Great Britain as Lead Media Officer, but anything said on my blogs represents my own opinion and not necessarily that of the Church.

One response to “Getting ready to fly…

  1. Lynne ⋅

    Hope that all goes brilliantly well for you and Jim and all the others in Thailand. I pray that God will open up some wonderful opportunities for you to engage fully in his work there and that you will all learn a lot about his grace in the process. Most of all, stay well, safe travelling and enjoy the experience! Look forward to seeing some pics, (Jim).

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